Sidney ..The battle of little Bighorn sounds about right!

Sidney ..The battle of little Bighorn sounds about right!

Postby ourland » Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:35 am

The battle of little bighorn…..
That is the only way I can explain it. The meeting tonight in Sidney was a massacre 8 to 1. over 100 people. The landowners and concerned citizen where their in force. Wayne C took out their chief Slottji and he did it in slow death style.
Finally the last hour the anti started to speak but only after letter upon letter and story upon story of the damage a moratorium would do to the town of Sidney.
I noticed that when the testimonials of business owners were read the antis would look down at there feet.
When the Nimby Anti would make claims of fear the crowd would laugh. You see after four years of hearing this shizzzz it gets comical.
One of the antis actually said that the Sidney Chamber wanted the moratorium, when he was finished the president of the Sidney Chamber stood up and said, may I speak . I am the chamber president and we have taken no such stand.
I lost count of how many times the antis were caught lying! It was my first time seeing and hearing Slottji speaks in person. I will sum it up like this if this guy was my attorney I would be nervous giving him a local speeding ticket to defend……Afterwards a few of us got together for dinner. I asked If anyone knew his background. One of the folks said, yes it took him four tries to pass the bar. That explains his poor performance. I am very confident that Sidney will not have a moratorium. After hearing the hype and fear I put my hand up to speak. I offered a peace agreement something that I thought was more than fair.
Your concerns are fracking and all that comes with it correct? After about a minute of the list of all their concerns and of course I pointed out don’t forget about the viewscape and they all agreed! Then I explained, The simple solution to all your issues is to lease our land….I will even put up frack fee zone sign for you……..It simple……………….DEAD SILENCE.

Monday night is Plymouth!
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Re: Sidney ..The battle of little Bighorn sound about right!

Postby dreamon » Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:44 am

Thanks for the info about sidney. I work at Amphenol 2nd shift and could not get to the meeting. I would have loved being there to see that nimby circus.
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Re: Sidney ..The battle of little Bighorn sound about right!

Postby szigeti » Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:38 am

Outstanding! Can hardly wait to see the coverage on the frontpage of Friday's newspaper :roll:

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Re: Sidney ..The battle of little Bighorn sound about right!

Postby ourland » Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:54 pm

I have since received some no so happy emails... thanks.

I will expand a little more on the meeting.
When the antis do not rule the show and tell they get upset and blame everyone around them.
The information they have is old and hear say. The only one that carried any interesting comment was ken Fogerty.
on the DEC confusion of locations of property. But that moment was lost when he injected the fear factor that Como talks about.

David Slottji and Peter Hudiburg.Are very upset with how the meeting went "no bars hold meeting" as he called it. In the words of his followers "that's democracy"!Maybe a meeting like this would be more acceptable to them?

I have been on both sides of the fence with many Attorney for many reason usually someone wanting what someone other has but do not want to work for it. Some of those Attorneys where amazing and earned there paycheck and saved mine.
And then there are those that I wouldn't let handle a local traffic ticket.
The old saying comes to mind: What do you call a Doctor with an A or a Doctor with a D..........Doctor! But which one do you want operating on your child?
The same stands for Attorneys...............Nuf said.

Peter Hudiburg
Plymouth Friends of Clean Water was at the meeting in sidney he is the one that yelled, “aren’t there any rules in this meeting? Again its his folks that set the tone.same as the video above.
Hudiburg also went on about a list of chemical in the blood found in the people from Mayor Calvin Tillmans town "DISH" Texas
yes DISH as in TV. The town sold out so everyone could have free DISH TV population 200. What Hudiburg failed to mention that the blood test TOXIC chemicals in the report was from SMOKERS.

You see all is never as it seems with these people.........

This is important: The anti were shocked that people actually stood up for their town and land.

Snake oil sales people will be coming to our towns backed by Park foundation money.

The snake oil and cure all salesmen usually find there way in to a board by a leftist with no skin in the game.
The other board member cant do much until the person on the board is educated to what
SUE YOUR a$& Means! Insurance companies are now looking into this and are not happy.
They will drop a policy and then the board has to find a company that is willing to cover a town with illegal laws.
Does anyone have a suggestion on what company that town might want to call?
Do you think that will add to the premiums?

I'm just a guy on the outside of this fishbowl................
Ourland .............Lease it,... buy it.... or shut up!

The next theatrical entertainment meeting is:
Plymouth Town Board Meeting, Monday, Feb 13th, 6:30, Plymouth Firehouse, Rt 23, 6 miles west of Norwich.

Be there. This fight is regional, not just town by town.
You want to be here take the wife or your dad. Bring a neighbor and a drink maybe some popcorn.
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