Dear gas company "spies"

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Dear gas company "spies"

Postby zechari » Fri May 15, 2009 11:39 am

Dear gas company spies, members of this coalition will not be fooled by your futile attempts to infiltrate and deter our knowledge of things regarding this matter. Under-estimating the potential capabilities of us landowners within this coalition is an error you have made, make, and more than likely will continue to make when it comes to our knowledge of things. Can you ever make claims to the monetary worth of a man's life or of him being alive? You probably think you could. CEO commuting expenses to fly privately and so forth costing in the hundreds of thousands. Yet, you still maintain unwillingness to pay landowners of this coalition the according amounts and in turn help to generate this country's economy, due to the cycling effect it would cause; it is quite sad. But, we are of no rush and the waiting aspect part is on your shoulders. So when you are ready and intend to meet our offer, we will be here!
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Re: Dear gas company "spies"

Postby hopeful » Sun May 17, 2009 3:38 pm

What offers. You are told more than me. Where are you getting your info from. If an offer comes into the coalition, we should all be notified and decide as a group what to do next. I am not sure that all of the people want what is considered fair. It should be made profitable to all of us even the gas companies.
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