Just How Strong Are We?

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Just How Strong Are We?

Postby imgasious » Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:07 am

Just How Strong Are We?
Our Maps Reveal the Difference
Coalition Update 10.29.09

One question I hear quite often is, “can we see the coalition maps?” Well, as much as I’d love to post them for all to see, the reality is that our maps have been digitally generated by our attorney group and are their possession to distribute to interested gas companies. Although I can’t show you the maps, let me reveal some insider information to you. Today, I’m going to reveal to you our presence in the best geology of Chenango County – namely the townships of Bainbridge, Coventry, Afton and Guilford.

Flexing Major Acreage Muscle:
Although all the marcellus in our coalition shows quality gas, the Southern end of Chenango County has the deepest Marcellus which gas companies believe holds the highest potential for the greatest quantity of gas during production. Our current map of these 4 townships mentioned above (Bainbridge, Coventry, Afton and Guilford) shows our coalition flexing nearly 30,000 acres of collective muscle in that section of Southern Chenango County alone. We are very proud of the quality landowner activity in that region and we feel priviledged to represent more contiguous acres in that portion of the county than any other coalition.

We’re Not Busted Up:
Another observation from our map of Southern Chenango County is that we are not busted up by the previous leasing activity of other gas companies. It’s no secret that over the past decade, a well-known gas company has leased nearly 130,000 acres of land in Chenango county. However, unlike other coalitions, their activity is outside of our core area and has had no effect on our ability to generate major blocks of land. This obvious benefit helps keep our acreage from being busted up and allows a future gas company to lease our land without having to hagle with the competition who already has major lease holds in that region.

A Little Message For Southern Chenango County:
Without a doubt, if you are in the Southern end of Chenango County, land groups will try to sway you away from the CNY Landowner’s Coalition. As we continue dialoging with gas companies, stand confident in the reality that no coalition represents a greater block of land in your region than we do. You have made us solid in your section of the county and we want you to be rewarded for your confidence in us. If you have not yet signed with us, now is the time. We have gone out to bid, but the door is still open for you to link up with us. Get our membership application online (http://www.cnylandcoalition.org) and send or email it in as soon as possible (chenangogas@gmail.com).

One thread by itself isn’t that strong, but when hundreds of threads are woven together, they make a very pwerful cord. That’s what you have done with the CNY Landowner’s Coalition. Adding some threads in your region will only make you stronger too!

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